Making websites ...
The Beachfront Hideaway Making websites is the flavour of the month. I make simple websites for people occasionally...
Technical Support
I help people with their computer problems. Setting up wireless networks or helping with digital cameras....
I run with the Devonport Hash House Harriers...
I try to go out and hike, paddle or kayak sometimes. Normally I take the odd photo...
A climbing website for Paul, now living in Hobart, Tasmania!
What do I do?

You may by now have realised I am not 100% normal, or some would say 100% sane. Maybe it goes hand in hand. I do have Cystic Fibrosis which stops me from having a regular full time job. Sitting on my bum doesn't work well for my lungs.

I need to regularly exercise, cough, nebulise, and eat,... Generally I can do office work for a limited time until my lungs stop liking me. Best is to avoid that all together!

Lung tissue does not re-generate. Each infection in your lung kills of more of your lung... And hence the government of australia allows me to be on a disability support pension.They don't pay much as Katherine earns money, but I get greatly reduced cost medicine, and other benefits.

Until I was 38 I did without the pension, but now I swallowed my pride. With Katherine's income the monetary benefit is negligible, but the discounted medication sure helps lots!