Contacting Us in Tasmania
Dual Skype Phone

I use Skype at home, so you can call me on:
USA: (571) 281-1426

AUSTRALIA: (0417) 067460


Where in the World?
Map of Tassie Have you used the Google Maps? Pretty cool. Have a look and find Devonport!
+I live with Cystic Fibrosis+
Ever heard of that? I cough a lot and take lots of pills, other then that I am just fine!
+Fujimug Challenges+
I regularly partake in photo challenges at this site. Lots of fun.
+Website Design+
Always trying to make a bit of a living somehow...
Contacting Peole
Contacting people is always a hassle these days. Phone is terribly inconvenient, plus mobile phones are a pain in the old proverbial.

Email attracts so much spam that sometimes emails are not received as they were intercepted as spam.

Snailmail? Well, it is still possible, if you can get of your butt and go to the post office, write out addresses on envelopes and buy stamps.

What is the best? Well email is still my preferred method by far. But one foolproof way is to fill in the below form: