Family in the USA
Hitchland and Cattle I found Katherine in Virginia, USA. I had to search for 36 years to find her!
Cystic Fibrosis
CF Tasmania Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is genetically inherited (hereditary) and is most notable for affecting the lungs, digestion and reproduction.
+I was born+
Born in the Netherlands in 1965. Immigrated to Australia in 1978.
+I was educated!+
I attended the Australia National University in Canberra.
+Still Learning!+
Never too old to learn! I am still learning new stuff at TAFE.
Interests etc.
We both enjoy the outdooors. Not that we get much of a chance in daily life, but we do like it! We live in Devonport Tasmania where there is lots of fresh air. We cycle to and from work and go for runs and walks regularly.

Mountain bikes are the way to go in Tasmania as most roads are pretty narrow, and there is lots of bush! We also learned to be careful at our age, breaking colar bones happens easily, and getting pins put in is a pain!

We live walking distance from a steam train museum, and see the train often. A highlight for visitors

.Don Railway