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Due to popular demand, and after learning that some people use Dini's Hash Trash as wallpaper (and others save them in boxes and yet others accidentally burn them with enthusiasm), we decided to post a limited edition of 20 electronic copies (yes, we kept on running out when we only posted 10) of each trash on the wobbly web for your perusal.

Happy reading.

On! On!

October 11
Defining Time in a non-controversial manner has consistently eluded the
greatest scholars.
OK so there’s a lot of writing….Devonport Hashers are allowed just to look at the pictures and read the jokes.  
The rest of you will be tested on the r*n report content and expected to write an essay analysing the poetic structure.  This should be emailed to Professor S. Hump (speedy AT dhash.com)  for marking with the red pen...  she is also into giving detentions and deadly with the cane, I’m told.

September 27 - The first ever reduced carbon footprint Hash Trash. 

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